Bundle’s Mike Dang talks to Design*Sponge’s Grace Bonney

I’m a natural hoarder and I like to have money with me because if there was an apocalypse or something, I’d want my money readily accessible. I saved most of the money because I only spent money for rent and going out to eat and I didn’t have any debt.

You should really put that money in the bank.

I have! My husband’s helped me get a savings account, an IRA and with investing. He works with me now as a partner on D*S. I had this thing about bank accounts and was a cash heavy person. I’ve transitioned now, but I’m still cautious and careful. It’s a byproduct of how my dad was careful and had to budget for our family, and that’s all really trickled down to me. I always pay off all my credit cards. I don’t spend what I don’t have.

Mike Dang is the new, nicer Deborah Solomon

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