About Mark Armstrong.


Mark Armstrong founded Longreads in 2009. It started out as a Twitter hashtag and account dedicated to sharing essays and magazine-length stories from across the web. Longreads has since grown into a National Magazine Award-winning magazine and podcast with more than 18 million readers and listeners.

Longreads has been hailed by The New York Times, Time magazine, and New York Magazine for sparking a renaissance in longform writing on the internet. In 2014, Longreads was acquired by Automattic, parent company of WordPress.com and Tumblr.

In addition to Longreads, Mark works at the intersection of storytelling and digital media. He ran editorial special projects for Automattic, producing Distributed, a podcast about the future of work hosted by CEO (and WordPress cofounder) Matt Mullenweg. Mark previously led content and communications for startups including Pocket.