About Mark Armstrong.


Mark Armstrong works at the intersection of storytelling and digital media. He’s co-founder of Ursa Story Company, a podcasting company created with authors Dawnie Walton and Deesha Philyaw, dedicated to outstanding storytelling from underrepresented voices.

Mark founded Longreads in 2009. It started out as a Twitter hashtag and account dedicated to sharing essays and magazine-length stories from across the web. Longreads has since grown into a National Magazine Award-winning magazine and podcast with more than 18 million readers and listeners.

Longreads has been hailed by The New York Times, Time magazine, and New York magazine for sparking a renaissance in longform writing on the internet. In 2014, Longreads was acquired by Automattic, parent company of WordPress.com and Tumblr.

Mark also has created and hosted Everything I’ve Learned, a podcast about lessons, mistakes, and creative risk-taking. He ran editorial special projects for Automattic, producing Distributed, a podcast about the future of work hosted by CEO (and WordPress cofounder) Matt Mullenweg. Mark previously led content and communications strategy for startups including Pocket (acquired by Mozilla).