Patent pending.

NEW iPhone 4 antenna booster! Just $29.99. Really works!*

* As tested compared to licking your hands and squeezing really hard in a weird way that most people are unlikely to do accidentally at the same time that their hands are wet and they’re transferring a lot of data. Results not guaranteed.

I should clarify: this post is satire. I don’t actually use my phone with tape on it — I just put it on there for this photo. It’s a joke. Even though I always hold my phone like this, I haven’t been able to reproduce the supposed problem. Hell, Gizmodo broke theirs trying to squeeze it in just the right way. I really don’t think this is a significant issue.

A LOT of people have mistakenly thought that I was actually using my phone this way and suggesting this as a real solution. Actually, it probably would work. But I don’t need it, and you probably don’t, either.

I’ve been thinking lately that, in 40 years, someone will make a show like Mad Men based in 2010, and our children and grandchildren will gasp when they see us holding phones up to our faces (just like we do now with the “pregnant woman smoking” thing).

But I’m just paranoid, right?

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