On Mainstream Media and Tumblr…


“I’ve found that Tumblr’s hard to explain to people who don’t do it. I think Twitter is — people kind of know what Twitter is at this point. If you look at Tumblr from the front end, if you show it to someone when you’re not logged in, it looks kind of like a blog platform that doesn’t really look all that great, and it’s very hard to follow from the outside because a lot of it is a conversation that’s taking place in the dashboard. And so it makes sense if you’re in the dashboard, but if you’re seeing it on the front end you’re like, “I don’t get this reference at all,” and it can be very kind of off-putting and I find that people don’t really understand. I think the dashboard is a great innovation. I think it’s really important. I find now that it’s replaced a lot of things I used to use Google Reader for. And I almost find now that if I see someone’s blog and it’s not in that format, and I can’t just re-blog it and bring it in, I both find it slightly annoying, and I’m much less likely to include it in the conversation just because of the pain-in-the-ass factor.”

In which we talk to Mediabistro about Newsweek, and Tumblr. (via newsweek) (via urlesque)

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