Tell Me Everything You’ve Learned.

Hi friends,

The kids returned to school today, so I thought I’d use this eerily quiet moment to send an email update.

The last several months have been focused on family, but I’ve also been working on a new company (more on that soon), and new episodes of Everything I’ve Learned (also coming soon).

This also seems like a perfect moment to ask you about everything you’ve learned — over the pandemic, or during your life and career. I’d like to feature your voices on an upcoming podcast episode, so leave me a voicemail and tell me about something you’ve learned.

It can be small, like a work hack or a morning or exercise routine, or something bigger that led to a change in your life, work, or relationships.

Be sure to include your name if you’d like to be credited on the podcast.


Some things I recently read and loved:

  1. Land of Big Numbers, by Te-Ping Chen
  2. Mexican Gothic, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
  3. How to Write One Song, by Jeff Tweedy
  4. “We Would’ve Been Princes!” by Anthony Veasna So (from the current issue of American Short Fiction).
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